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The Krakow Jazz Band Ball Orchestra is considered to be the oldest Polish Orchestra of traditional jazz. It was created in 1962 at the initiative of the recently deceased trumpeter John Kudyk and a group of students of the Academy of Music in Krakow. The debut of JBBO took place in a contest of amateur jazz bands "Polish South", where the band won the first prize. Another success JBBO has ever seen on the national jazz scene was the win of the Jazz on Odra in 1965. This event has begun countless concerts in Poland and almost all over the world. The band participated in the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, Dixieland Meeting Oberhausen (Germany) and several times at the famous Dixieland Jazz Jubilee in Sacramento (USA). The Orchestra has collaborated with many prominent musicians, including the famous trumpeter Wallace Davenport. JBBO started as a Dixieland band, but with time and personal change, the style has evolved and expanded: (says famous critic Bogdan Chmura) "... Their music is a synthesis of New Orleans jazz, swing with elements of bebop, blues, Polish folklore and Latino "- this is what music fans have clapped for over fifty years.

American keyboardist and singer Stanley Breckenridge is a Doctor of Musicology and an assistant professor at the Department of African American Studies at California State University, Fullerton. He also lectured at the University of Mary Curie-Sklodow University and Jagiellon University. As a musician he performed solo, with other musicians in many European countries, Japan and the United States. He released nine musical albums. He has been working with JBBO since 2013.

JBBO line-up:

Michal Bylica - trumpet, singing

Marek Michalak - trombone, singing

Jacek Mazur - clarinet, tenor saxophone, singing

Wojciech Groborz - piano

Teofil Lisiecki - contrabass, leader

Wieslaw Jamiol - percussion

Stanley Breckenridge - solo singing