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The Slovak, Czech and European jazz community consider the trombone player, Michal Motýľ, to be not only and excellent and technically experienced solo player on the bass trombone, but also an extraordinary author and arranger.

The group Michal Motýľ Tentet started in august 2013, for the recording of the great album of Michael Motýľ, called Sunflowers. The repertoire of the tentet consists of original pieces of Michal Motýľ, Matúš Jakabčic, Nikolaj Nikitin and Erik Rothenstein. These compositions are traditional, but they also include aspects of modern jazz. The brass section is non-traditional and consists of four trombones, one trumpet and two saxophones. The rhythmic section consists of a guitar, contrabass and percussion.

Michal Motýľ

Between 1983and 1988, he was studying at the State conservatory in Košice, where he attended classes by prof. Pavol Takáč. He received several awards from competitions during his studies. He also attended classes of doc. J. Gašparovič at the College of Music arts in Bratislava. In 1989, he received the 2nd prize at the Amati Kraslice (ČSFR) competition. In 1990 he received the 3nd prize at the Interpretation competition of young artists in Bratislava. In 1992 at the Prague spring competition, he received the prize for the best candidate from the ČSFR.

 During 1989-1990, he was a member of the Dance orchestra of the Czechoslovak television (bass trombone); Bratislava Big Band; Big Band of Radio Bratislava, for which he also created compositions and settings. He was also a member of the Bratislava Trombone quartet, with which he performed in Vienna, Karlsruhe and other European cities.

 Since 1992 he is a member of the trombone group of the Slovak philharmonic orchestra (bass trombone) and a member of the CZ-SK Big Band of Matúš Jakabčic, with whom he also attended several jazz festivals. During 1996-2005 he also worked with the Big Band of Gustav Brom and from 2006 he is also a member (bass trombone). Currently he is also a member of several smaller groups for example Nikistein Jazz Sextet; Erik Rothenstein Jazz Quintet and Soul for Seven. In 2013 he formed the Michal Motýľ Tentet, with whom he recorded the CD Sunflowers and cooperates with the Five Bones brothers of Vlado Vizár.

Orchestra line-up:

Michal Motýľ – base trombone, composition, setting

Juraj Mitošinka trombone

Vlado Vizár a.h. – trombone

Ondrej Juraši trumpet, flugelhorn

Miroslav Poprádi clarinet, soprano, tenor sax.

Erik Rothenstein baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute, composition, setting

Matúš Jakabčic guitar, guitar synthesizer, composition, setting

Peter Korman – contrabas

Marián Ševčík percussion