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In December 2016, two concert evenings were held in Bratislava, commemorating the anniversary of the 55th anniversary of the legendary Slovak jazz orchestras - The Traditional Club Bratislava and Revival Jazz Band Bratislava.

The concert also had significant feedback on the musicians - it was an inspiration and a stimulus that led to the creation - revival of an old-fashioned jazz formation called The Traditional Club Revival, in which the original members of both orchestras play.


 Igor Čelko:

"After a meeting in 2016, we decided to revive the spirit of music we played over 50 years ago and which still finds its audience with its ease, spontaneity and vitality. We wanted to carry one the spirit of traditional jazz that we played either as Traditional Club Bratislava or Revival Jazz Band. Our repertoire moves between New Orleans jazz, Chicago Dixieland and swing so that we reach the widest spectrum of audiences. The combination of soprano saxophone, trombone and guitar / banjo also allows for different colourful and stylish variants and thus the unusual sound of our new formation. "

Keep swinging!


Igor Čelko  - soprano saxophone

Vlado Vizár  - trombone

Patrícia Páleníčková - guitar, banjo, singing

Andrej Šebo  - contrabass

Karol Sucháň  - percussion